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We provide excellent customer service by
 including a complimentary limited warranty
product with each of our inspections

Benefits of a limited Warranty include:

A safety net of mechanical and

Structural coverage provided with

Coverage that enhances our professional,
diligent, and conscientious inspection

Added Value to each transaction.

Coverage during the sensitive period of
ownership transition.

Easy claims process. Peace of mind for
home owners and referring





This AHWC 90-Day Limited Home Warranty is for the person(s) purchasing the home that is the subject of the home
inspection report by the AHWA member company and is non –transferable. AHWA member is not an employee,
agent, or representative of 
AHWC. This  AHWC  90 – day limited home warranty is effective from the date of the
 inspection for a period of 90 days. If closing should occur before the expiration of the 90 day period, the warranty 
will extend
 to 30 days following closing.  Benefits under this limited warranty cover failures of the listed
covered items only, after the full house inspection, and are subject to all exclusions set forth below
 Notice ofclaims  must be received by AHWC on or before expiration date or all limited warranty
coverage is 
nolonger valid.  Your Inspection report is considered as an addendum to this limited warranty for
claims purposes.                                                                                                                                      



What Mechanical Components in my Home are covered?

Under Plumbing:  Components covered – Water lines, drain lines (except sewer), Faucets, water heaters.  
Under Gas LinesComponents  covered-gas lines within house. Under Electrical:  Components covered –
Main service panel, wiring. Under built in appliances only:  Components covered—Range, cook top
and oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, trash 
compactor, garbage disposal.  Under Climate control
covered –all central heating and air conditioning systems.                                                 
All Coverage  is subject to the exclusions set forth below.    (See What is Excluded)


  What Structural components in my Home are Covered?

Under Foundation:  components covered—poured concrete and block wall foundations only.
Under Framework:  components covered- Floor joists, Structural framing. Under Roofing
components covered –roof covering (limited to repair of leaking area only).Under walls
components covered – exterior and/or Load bearing walls, interior wall framing. Under
Garage Doors: components covered – attached garage vehicle doors only. 
All coverage
 is subject to the exclusions set forth below. (See what is excluded)


 Excluded Under This Limited Mechanical and Structural Warranty?

Any item, system, or component not specifically listed above as covered. All  secondary or consequential damages.
Items noted with defect(s) needing further professional evaluation, not verifiable, not inspected or not visible at the time
 of the  inspection. Painting  cosmetic repairs. Water damage in any form.  Acts of God, natural disasters, catastrophic
weather events, acts of war or terrorism. Items,  systems or components beneath concrete or underground. Damaged
caused by the lack of normal maintenance and care. Any climate control system, Hot water heater or built in Appliances
11 years of age or older. Removal and repair or replacement of walls, floors, roof, or concrete to repair components or
systems (pipes, wiring, gas lines, etc.) Automatic  garage door openers. Clogged or blocked pipes. Shower pans.
Toilets, sewer lines/pipes and sewage/septic systems.  Mold in any form. Improvements, modifications, upgrades
and bringing systems or components  up to code, rule or regulation.  Service  calls and routine maintenance.  Fireplaces  and
Chimneys. Skylights and flashing around them, roof vents and pipe stacks. Roof repair is limited to repair of the immediate
leakage area only and not to replacement of the entire roof.   Concrete  cracking or scaling. Windows  and doors.
damage caused  by vermin (Insects, termites, rodents, etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

All mechanical coverage is limited to within the Home’s foundation and to a maximum of $500.00.
All structural coverage, including foundation and roofing is limited to within the home’s foundation and
to a maximum of $2000.00.
  Indemnification from all loss is not implied by this warranty.


Required claims procedures will be listed on the forms emailed to you after the Inspection


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