Fall/Winter maintenance.


Fall is here.  Time to get started on your fall maintenance.  It’s much easier working on these projects while the weather is still pleasant. So don’t put these projects off until the first storms.

From: Gus Verras Acutec Home Inspection:



Consider insulating exterior hose bib’s. Although are temperatures rarely get below freezing in Sacramento, when they do it causes havoc with unprotected water sources.


Clean the gutters, and valleys, after all the leaves have fallen.

If the downspouts drain in to an underground system, check to make sure it is clear of debris and functional.

General Exterior

Seal any gaps around the house; check for loose or dried out caulking around pipes, ducts, faucets, air conditioner refrigerant lines, etc.

Replace any damaged or worn weatherstripping around windows and doors.

Smoke / CO Alarms

Smoke alarms should be located inside every bedroom, and one in a common area on every level.

CO alarms should be located within twenty feet of every sleeping room (and not in furnace rooms, kitchens, or garages).

Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms and test them using the built-in test buttons.

Check the age of your smoke and CO alarms; smoke alarms are good for up to ten years, CO alarms are good for up to seven years.  If they’re any older, replace them.


Consider having  a professional furnace tune-up performed annually.

Replace the batteries in your thermostat.  

Clean or replace the furnace filter - this should usually be done every one to three months, depending on the type of filter.  The arrow on the filter should point toward the furnace.


Have the flues professionally cleaned on any wood burning fireplaces if they get used regularly.

 Avoid burning any woods that are not hard and dry.

Clean the dust out of the bottoms of any gas fireplace inserts.

If you have a gas log installed in a wood burning fireplace with an adjustable damper, make sure there is a damper stop installed to prevent the damper from getting closed all the way.  “If a gas source is present as with a log lighter, the damper should remain partially open at all times. There are bolt on damper stoppers for this purpose.

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